About Us

Welcome to DIGI TECH!

DIGI TECH is an online camera store in Dubai, providing professional filmmaking, photography and broadcast equipment for sale. At our store, you can find everything from professional cine cameras to LED lights. So, we invite you to enjoy shopping!


DIGI TECH store was established by technology lovers in Dubai 9 years ago. Since then, they’ve been selling the best video, photography, and broadcast equipment in Dubai, UAE, providing every customer with all the information and support needed. 

Now, DIGI TECH store is happy to cater to a wider pool of gifted video-makers with its online store. At this store, you’ll find the best equipment and gear for filmmakers and photographers, produced by more than 50 world’s most respected brands. Our store offers you more than 1500 products in total, making it one of the best places in Dubai to shop for filmmaking equipment! 


DIGI TECH is an established camera store in Dubai, offering you a powerhouse lineup of cameras, lenses, cinematography gear, studio lighting, tripods, pro audio, computers, printers, and every cutting-edge accessory you need to create triumphant work. Let’s see what kinds of products we offer. 


First of all, we bring you more than 600 products for filmmakers, videographers and broadcasters. This film equipment collection includes digital cine cameras by the world’s most famous brands, such as Blackmagic, Canon, and Sony. Next, we offer everything you need to film effectively, including tripods, rigs, LED lights, stabilizers, etc. Additionally, we treat you with other film equipment, including lenses, monitors, computer hardware and software, broadcast equipment, drones, etc. 


Secondly, we have a large inventory of affordable quality products for photographers. These products deliver you high-end quality, unleashing your creativity and allowing you to reach new heights in your craft. Our collection of photography equipment includes 150+ items in total. We sell quality digital cameras, studio lights, triggers, stands, lenses, and cool accessories. 


Last but not least, we’re offering you all kinds of equipment for audio processing. With 440+ items in total, this category of our DIGI TECH store offers you cutting-edge recorders, microphones, mixers, conference systems, audio accessories, and more. 


At DIGI TECH filmmaking equipment store, we take customer satisfaction with great care. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with all the information about our products that you need. Our resourceful team will be happy to answer any of your questions concerning using the equipment that we sell. 

For your convenience, our online camera store includes multiple filtering options. To faster find the product that meets your needs, sort our catalogs by price, relevance, and name or use the Live Search box to find the product you need. 


We strive to make every inspired filmmaker more successful with our professional video, photo, audio and broadcast equipment. Find the equipment that will take your career up a notch at DIGI TECH camera store in Dubai online!