Studio & Production

Elevate your TV broadcasts with precision using our Studio & Production Equipment at Digi Tech Dubai. Tailored for TV stations, our collection offers top-quality tools and equipment for seamless television production. Explore our diverse selection for competitively priced and reliable options, ensuring your TV studio is equipped for professional broadcasting.

Studio & Production
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  1. NiSi Cinema 10-Stop Viewing Filter with Neck Strap

    • For Looking Directly at Light Sources
    • Cuts Visible Light by 10 Stops
    • Stops UV & IR Light
    • Protects Eyes
    • Silicone Eyecup Prevents Light Leaks
    • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Frame
    • Easy-to-Replace Glass
    • Integrated Neck Strap
    AED 241.50 AED 230.00
  2. Data Video

    Datavideo HC-300 Hard Case for TP-300 Teleprompter Kit

    • Stylish and durable - ideal for mobile productions
    • Ready for immediate use without having to customize foam padding inserts
    • Press and pull latches
    • Secure impact resistant hinges with integrated feet
    • Case can stand upright and level on hinge spine
    • Solid core handle is both comfortable and durable
    • Shock-proof, vibration-proof, dust-proof and rust-proof
    • Sealable for moisture protection
    • Pressure release valve
    • Stackable
    AED 388.50 AED 370.00
  3. Fortinge

    Fortinge PRO Series 17" Studio Teleprompter

    • 17" High-Bright Color LCD Monitor
    • 1000 cd/m² Brightness
    • 1280 x 1024 Resolution
    • Automatic Flip/Mirror Function
    • 70/30 Beam-Splitter
    • 170° Horizontal Viewing Angle
    • Adjustable Camera Mount
    • Forprompt Software Included
    • Compatible with Most Prompting Software
    AED 8,242.50 AED 7,850.00
    In stock
  4. Fortinge

    Fortinge 19" Conference Teleprompter Set (Dual)

    • The PRO Series Mobile Conference Teleprompter is perfect for conference rooms, press rooms, classrooms , or any indoor event for speakers addressing audiences.
    AED 16,049.25 AED 15,285.00
  5. Feelworld

    FeelWorld TP13A Portable Teleprompter for Smartphone/Tablet/DSLR (13")

    • Standard beam split glass
    • Supports tablet/phone prompting, DSLR/phone horizontal and vertical shooting
    • Supports up to 24mm wide angle lens shooting, provides larger vision
    • Removable sunhood, easy to install
    • Lifting mount, flexible and convenient
    • Dual cold shoe seats can be quickly installed with microphone, fill light and
      other equipments
    • Exclusive prompting APP, bluetooth remote control, easy to operate
    AED 719.00 AED 684.76
    In stock
  6. Feelworld

    FEELWORLD TP2A Portable 8-inch Teleprompter supports up to 8" Smartphone/Tablet Prompting Smartphone DSLR Shooting with Remote Control & Lens Adapter Rings

    • Smartphone/tablet prompting, DSLR camera shooting.
    • Smartphone/tablet prompting, smartphone shooting.
    • Support wide angle lens, larger vision.
    • Utilizes 70/30 beamsplitter teleprompter glass
    • With 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77mm eight lens adapter rings
    • Three 1/4-20″ threads at the bottom of teleprompter
    • Magnetic smartphone clamp supports smartphone recording with horizontal screen and vertical screen
    • Support android/iOS APP, bluetooth remote control
    AED 349.00 AED 332.38
    In stock
  7. Fortinge

    Fortinge 19" Studio Teleprompter set with HDMI, VGA & COMPOSITE BNC INPUTS. 250cd/m2 Trapezoidal 70/30 Glass, Software, Hand Controller and Hardcase included

    • 19" Studio Prompter Set with HDMI, VGA & COMPOSITE BNC INPUTS
    • 250cd/m2
    • Aspect Ratio 4:3
    • Software is included
    • Trapezoidal 70/30 glass
    • Adaptable with Mini ENG (up to 6 kg), ENG & DSLR Cameras
    AED 9,444.75 AED 8,995.00
  8. adicam MAX+

    • The two additional wheels make it easier to transport the cart when it is folded
    • Assembly and disassembly takes 2 minutes, no tools are needed
    • The entire cart can be folded into an easy to transport case
    • Reinforced model MAX+ can lift up to 250 kilograms of heavy equipment on your set.
    • Available with 9 or 10 inch wheels
    AED 9,397.50 AED 8,950.00
  9. ADICAM Pipe 013

    • Please note: Cart is not included and is for display purposes only.
    • 35mm aluminium tube with a length of 75 cm. Included with baby pin 5/8 for steadicam or monitor system.
    • Pipe is compatible with all our accessories – Handles or Crossbar clamps.
    AED 414.75 AED 395.00
    In stock
  10. Adicam Handles

    • Adapt monitors, Steadicam or tripods
    • Includes two handles
    • For mounting accessories
    AED 682.50 AED 650.00
    In stock
  11. SmallRig

    SmallRig Multifunctional Teleprompter 3646

    • Compatible with a 15mm rail support system to protect the lens mount.

    • Adjustable top flag and filter prevent outdoor glares.

    • The app supports PDF, picture, Word, and TXT.

    • No vignetting when the focal length ≥22mm; the reflected text is readable up to 5m away (with an 11.9" tablet).

    AED 703.50 AED 670.00
    In stock
  12. E-Image ECB-04 Acrylic Professional Photography Magnetic Clapper Board

    • Made of white acrylic
    • Wooden clapper sticks
    • Magnetic lock
    • Engraved lines and letters
    AED 157.50 AED 150.00
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Items 1-12 of 398