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All kind of video cables converters 

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  1. AJA OG-1x9-SDI-DA 3G-SDI Distribution Amplifier Card

    • Video Formats: 150 Mbps - 3 Gbps, format agnostic
    • Input: 1x 3G-SDI BNC
    • Outputs: 9x 3G-SDI BNC
    • Support for HDR - High Dynamic Range video
    • Monitor via openGear DashBoard
    • Passes embedded audio, all ancillary data including closed caption and time code
    • Input Present and Input SMPTE Lock LEDs
    • Automatic input equalization and output reclocking
    • Accessory Type: Video Format Converter I/O Module
    AED 2,409.75 AED 2,295.00
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  2. AJA openGear Dual 1x4 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifier

    • Dual 1x4 12G-SDI openGear Distribution Amplifiers
    • 2x 12G-SDI BNC inputs
    • 8x noninverting 12G-SDI BNC outputs
    • Format agnostic 270 Mbps – 12 Gbps video formats
    • Automatic input equalization and output reclocking
    • Support for HDR video
    AED 3,048.70 AED 2,903.52
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  3. AJA RMB-RO Rackmount Bracket

    • D & HD Series Mini Converters
    • Rackmount Kit
    AED 81.14 AED 77.28
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  4. AJA CMP Converter Mounting Plate

    • Accessory Type: Video Format Converter Stands & Mounts
    AED 459.82 AED 437.92
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  5. AJA ABPWRCBL Anton Bauer Power Cable

    • For AJA 12VDC Devices
    AED 295.24 AED 281.18
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  6. AJA P-TAP-CBL DC Cable (18")

    • DC Power Cord
    • Length - 18"
    • P-Tap to AJA D5/10-PC Connector
    AED 203.83 AED 194.12
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  7. AJA DWP-U-R1 Worldwide Power Supply for AJA Mini-Converters

    • 100-240V, 50/60Hz Universal Input
    • +5V DC Regulated Output
    • 7.5W Capacity
    AED 227.98 AED 217.12
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  8. AJA Power Supply for DRM Frame

    • Accessory Type: Video Format Converter Power Supply
    DRM P/S
    AED 1,134.00 AED 1,080.00
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  9. AJA DRM Mini Converter Rackmount Frame

    • Universal 100-240V, 50/60Hz power input
    • Twelve separate +5V DC regulated outputs (hard-wired to power supply)
    • Mounting slots for up to 12 AJA mini-converters (some mini-converters require two slots)
    AED 2,674.41 AED 2,547.06
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  10. AJA Front Cover Plate

    Front Panel cover for the DRM Frame

    AED 34.59 AED 32.94
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  11. AJA FiDO Quad-Channel LC Fiber to 3G-SDI Mini Converter

    • Quad LC Fiber Input / Quad SDI Output
    • Up to Ultra HD 4K Resolution
    • Equalized and Reclocked Inputs
    • ASI Compatible
    AED 6,564.94 AED 6,252.32
    Availability : Call for availabilty
  12. AJA 4-Channel Multi-Mode LC Fiber to 3G-SDI Receiver

    • 4x Channel Multi-Mode LC Fiber Outputs
    • 4 simplex or 2 duplex input connections (LC connector)
    • 4x Channels of 3G/HD/SD-SDI output
    • 4K/UltraHD-SDI over 4 fiber links
    • Coax and fiber inputs are reclocked
    • Auto Video-Detection Format
    AED 8,728.78 AED 8,313.12
    Availability : Call for availabilty
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Items 8-19 of 222

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