Tilta Universal Shoulder Rig, Baseplate w/Shoulder Pad, 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box & FF Unit

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The Tilta Universal Shoulder Rig, Baseplate w/Shoulder Pad, 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box & FF Unit includes a baseplate with shoulder pad, 4 x 4 matte box, rod mounted follow focus unit, universal rod mounted handgrip setup, rod mounted top handle, three curved support arms, and a lens support. It is compatible with Most DSLRs such as the Nikon D800, D810, Canon 5D MarkIII, Panasonic GH-4, DSLR camera is not included with the rig and must be purchased separately. All the components fit into a custom rolling case with a precut foam interior. The DSLR rig is a complete all in one solution for shooting with almost any available DSLR, small to medium video camcorder, and even large cameras. Its flexibility makes it ideal for someone who shoots with different cameras such as DSLRs, camcorders, and large sized production cameras and wants to use the same rig with each one.

It provides a baseplate with an adjustable metal brace to prevent your DSLR from twisting once mounted. The baseplate features 15mm LWS support rods that provide the correct lens to rod height for using a matte box, follow focus or other available lens accessories. The baseplate features a V-lock type quick release plate and adjustable shoulder pad for when you go hand held. The included lightweight 4 x 4 matte box features two independent rotating filter trays, with a swing away design for quick lens changes and top and side flags for flare control. The included follow focus unit mounts to the lightweight rods and features variable tension control as well as two adjustable hard stops for use with lenses unlimited rotation.

The included universal handgrips mount to the 15mm LWS support rods and provide three points of adjustment per handgrip, textured rubber handgrips, and can mount on 15mm LWS or 19mm studio rods. The three included curved support arms form a cage around the side of your DSLR and supports a set of 15mm LWS rods for mounting the included top handle or available lens accessories. The articulating arm features 1/4"-20 studs that attach to the rig and provide a support for available monitors. The entire kit packs securely into a custom fitted rolling hard case with a pull out handle.


Baseplate & Dovetail Plate

The baseplate features two components, a removable sliding baseplate for mounting the camera and a dovetail plate for the shoulder pad and tripod attachment

Sliding Baseplate

The sliding baseplate features both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 captive stainless steel camera tie-down screws and an adjustable DSLR brace that locks your DSLR in place and prevents it from twisting after you have mounted it. You can remove the DSLR brace and use the 3/8"-16 tie-down to mount larger cameras such as the XF305 or even a RED to the baseplate.

Dovetail Plate

The dovetail plate provides four inches of travel for the sliding baseplate and features spring loaded safety catches. It features a Sony V-lock mount that interfaces with a Sony VCT-U14 Tripod Adapter, and the V-lock is tapped with both a 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded mounting hole, so you can attach your own quick release plate to use with your tripod. The shoulder pad is made from a non-reversible rigid foam that is contoured to fit on the camera operators right shoulder and has two and a quarter inches of forward/back adjustment for balance.

Rod Supports

The front mounted 15mm LWS rod clamps are vertically adjustable, which allows you to adjust the rod to lens height for aligning matte boxes and other rod-mounted accessories to cameras with non-standard lens mount heights. On the back of the dovetail plate is an under-slung cold shoe mount and a second 15mm rod clamp, with up to an inch of vertical adjustment, for adding available rods and rod accessories. The rod clamp levers are all "kipping" levers, which means they are spring loaded so you can reset them to fully open or lock them even if you can't rotate the lever fully because of interference by other gear.

4 x 4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box

Lightweight Construction

The matte box itself is made out of carbon fiber with aluminum used for the support structure. This provides a lightweight yet sturdy unit that is appropriate for shooting hand-held or with a stabilizer rig, when every ounce counts.

Swing Away Design

The swing-away design allows you to quickly move the matte box out of the way to check or change lenses, without having to remove the matte box from the support rods. This way you don't have to hand off the matte box to someone else, hold it under an arm or between your knees, or hang it under the rods while you work, greatly speeding your workflow and reducing the chance of dropping the matte box or having a filter tray fall out.

Rotating 4 x 4 Filter Trays

The matte box features two independently rotating 4 x 4 filter trays; this allows you to simultaneously rotate two filters, such as one polarizer and one graduated filter, or even two graduated filters, for creative effect.

Top & Side Flags

The removable top and side flags provide you additional flare control and attach to the matte box with a lockable-hinged assembly. This allows you to precisely set your flags to match the edge of frame for different lenses and lock them in place so that they don't move during the shot.

Anti Reflection Inserts

The three included anti reflection inserts work with lenses with an outer diameter of 72, 80, and 90 mm. They provide a light-tight seal so that light from behind the camera cannot leak through where the lens joins the matte box and reflect off filters to flare your image. When you are using lenses with outer diameters other than 72, 80, and 90 mm or with lenses that have excessive focus travel it is recommended to use the cloth "nun's knickers" to prevent light leaks.

Follow Focus Unit

The included follow focus unit snaps on and locks to 15mm LWS rods. It features a variable tension adjustment and two adjustable hard stops, which comes in handy when working with lenses that feature unlimited focus rotation and effortless movement. This allows you to add a comfortable amount of drag to your focus knob, and the hard stops allow you to make rapid focus pulls with repeatable accuracy. When working with lenses that feature their own internal focus stops, you can use the hard stops to give you a beginning and end to a snap focus pull, lessening the risk of over shooting and "pinning" the end of the lens and damaging it.

The focus-marking disk is angled, making it easier to see your marks from behind the camera or from the operators position. It includes a 12" focus whip, crank handle and 5 removable lens gear rings

Universal Handgrips


The handgrip mounts to either 19 mm studio support rods or lightweight 15 mm support rods without having to use adapters or changing out support bridges. This allows you to use the same handgrip system that easily moves from one system to another. The handgrip clamps onto the rods, so it is easy to put on and remove. Unlike grips that slide onto the rods, this unit pops onto the rods, so it is easy to change its position on the rods without having to remove the matte box, follow focus, or lens supports.


The supports can be positioned to almost any available position on the support rods, so you can adjust the position to give you the optimal mix of balance, support, and comfort. The rosettes allow you to adjust the rig in almost limitless positions. Each component can be separated at the rosettes and allowing you to custom configure the system based on the needs of the shot. The ARRI rosettes allow you to use available ARRI handgrips or other available accessories that feature ARRI compatible rosettes with this unit if you wish. You can also use the components of this system to expand the capabilities of cameras and other supports that feature Arri compatible rosettes. The locking levers are "kipping" (spring loaded), and this allows you to loosen or tighten them fully, even if you cannot rotate them a full 360°.

Comfort & Grip

The rubber handgrips are textured and feature the Tilta name impressed into the grip providing a slip resistant surface.

Curved Arms Top Rod Support


The three curved arms mount to the rig to forma a side cage, and provide support for top mounted 15mm LWS rods. You can adjust the configuration of the curved arms, allowing you to use different cameras on the rig. You can also remove the curved arms entirely if you don't need a top handle, and wish to use a large camera such as a RED, XF305 or PMW EX-1.

Top Handle

The Top Handle mounts to 15mm LWS support rods, providing you a strong grip on the camera rig, that doesn't stress the camera's body.

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Matte Box
Filter Type 4 x 4
Total Filter Stages 2
Rotating Stages 2 Independent
Degree of Rotation 360°
Materials Carbon fiber
Dimension L x W x H 9.9 x 6.6 x 3" (25.1 x 16.8 x 7.36 cm)
Weight 2 lb (0.91 kg)
Top Flag Dimensions
15.13 x 4.88" (384.3 x 123.9 mm)

0.06" (1.5 mm)

5 oz (141.8 g)
Side Flag Number

9.13 x 5.13" (231.9 x 130.3 mm)

0.06" (1.5 mm)

3 oz (85 g)
Compatible with 15 mm rod systems
Mounting Compatibility Sony VCT-U14 Quick-Release Tripod Adapter
Dimension (L x W x Thickness) 13 x 6 x 3.5" (33 x 15.2 x 8.9 cm)
Weight 2.8 lb (1.3 kg)
Follow Focus Unit
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.75 x 8.5 x 17.25" (12.07 x 21.6 x 43.82 cm)
Weight 2.8 lb (1.3 kg)
Top Handle
Rod Support 15mm LWS
Dimensions (L x W x D) 3.5 x 3 x 6" (8.9 x 7.6 x 15 cm)
Weight 0.6 lb (272.2 g)
Material of Construction Anodized CNC machined aluminum
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.25 x 6.75 x 14" (8.3 x 17.1 x 35.6 cm)
Weight 2.8 lb (1.3 kg)
Weight Weight of Rig without case: 14.6 lb (6.6 kg)
Dimension L x W x H 24.5 x 19 11.5" (62.2 x 48.2 x 29.2 cm)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 39.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 25.5 x 20.0 x 14.0"

Tilta Universal Shoulder Rig, Baseplate w/Shoulder Pad, 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box & FF Unit

15mm Quick-Release Baseplate for Sony VCT-U14 Tripod Adapter

FF-T03 15mm Follow Focus with Hard Stops

4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box

Universal Handgrip System

3 x Curved Rod Support Arms

Tilta 15mm Lens Support

Top Handle


Limited 1-Year Warranty