PhotoTech U Type Reflector Silver/Golden /white 60x180cm

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AED 409.50 AED 390.00
  • Fills in Shadows, Flattens Contrast
  • White, Gold, and Silver Reflectors
  • Tilt Adapter: Precise Reflective Angle
  • Great for Fill Light Under Eyes and Nose

Phototech U Type Reflector reflector is a curved reflective panel designed to achieve even illumination in portrait, beauty or glamor photography, using the light falling on the model from above. The reflector placed on a profiled frame allows for precise control of the reflected light, effectively and visually illuminating the lower parts of the face, neck and neckline of the photographed person, which would be difficult when using a traditional, flat reflector. The large surface area of ​​the panel means that it can be successfully used also when photographing wider frames.

The design of the reflector is based on a folding frame which can be mounted on a standard lighting stand with a 16 mm head . The frame consists of a wide, horizontal tripod holder with adjustable angle of inclination , two profiled arms (each composed of three curved tubes) and two short crossbars with butterflies. The reflector itself consists of Three layers silver, Gold and White . This allows you to easily match the color and nature of the light to the beauty of the photographed person or the artistic concept. The base coat has tunnels on its long and short sides, through which curved handles should be led, and the resulting structure should be stiffened with shorter crossbars. The whole thing is put on a horizontal tripod holder, stabilized with screws - butterflies and ready to be mounted on a lighting stand. When folded, it can be stored in the included, compact case with dimensions of 60x180cm

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More Information
Manufacturer Phototech
Size60 × 180 cm
Head adjustmentfrom -45 ° to 45 °
Mounting on a tripod16 mm spindle
  • PhotoTech U Type Reflector Silver/Golden /white 60x180cm
PhotoTech U Type Reflector Silver/Golden /white 60x180cm