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Welcome to DIGI TECH photography equipment store! We’re a professional photography equipments store located in Dubai, selling online and shipping across the UAE and globally. 

We See It Your Way

If you want to effectively manifest your creative vision through photography, you need the right equipment. If you go for low-end cheap equipment, you’ll probably never break through to new heights. However, you may not just have the budget to buy exclusive professional equipment that costs a fortune. 

At DIGI TECH, we believe that high-end quality photography equipments should be available to professionals across the globe. Fortunately, many photography gear creators and manufacturers have the same vision. They create photography equipment that is both highly professional and reasonably priced. Our store is happy to make this fueled-with-innovation equipment available to you in Dubai and across the Middle East region. 

What We Offer

At our photography equipment store section, we’re happy to offer you a wide selection of photography products. First of all, we bring you high-end quality digital cameras by established brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others. We also offer you professional lenses and photography accessories. 

Secondly, at DIGI TECH store, we’re also happy to bring you a plethora of studio photography equipments for all purposes. Browse our catalog, and you’ll find cutting-edge studio lights, speedlights, triggers, stands, softboxes, and backdrop & reflection gear. If you have any questions concerning choosing, adjusting and using this equipment do not hesitate to contact our team for more information. 

Convenient Photography Equipment Shopping

At DIGI TECH store, we strive to supply you with state-of-the-art photography equipment and the significant support of our knowledgeable team. We offer you over 170 photography products by 40+ leading brands in the industry. Among these products, you’ll find amazing studio and speed lights, cameras, lenses and tons of accessories, buying which you get everything you need for your photographer’s kit. No matter whether you drop by our store in Dubai or online, we’re always happy to offer you extensive information about the products you’re looking for and provide our support with any photography equipment related questions. 

Of course, we want to make your shopping at our store ultimately enjoyable. That’s why we added an easy-to-use product filter, which allows you to sort products by relevance, name, and price. With multiple payment and delivery methods available, buying your photography equipment in Dubai from DIGI TECH will be a smart and headache-free solution. 

Enjoy Photography Equipment Shopping

With over 170 products available in this section of our store, we’ll be happy to help you find, choose and start enjoying high-quality photography equipment in Dubai. Buy the best products online now to boost your career!

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  1. Sound Devices XL-SmartCharger Dual-Bay Charger for XL-SmartBattery

    • For XL-SmartBatteries
    • For Inspired Energy N-Series Batteries
    • Charge & Calibrate 2 Batteries at a Time
  2. Sound Devices SD-Charge Sony L Series Battery Charger with Adapters

    • For Sony L Series Batteries
    • Charges One Battery
    • Includes Euro Adapter
    • Includes Wall Charger
  3. Sound Devices XL-B3 Lithium Ion Battery

    • 7.2 V DC Output Voltage
    • Charge Capacity - 6600mAH
    • For PIX-BMT / Sony L-compatible Mounts
  4. Sound Devices XL-B2 Spare Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for 7-Series Portable Recorders

    • 7.2V lithium-ion battery pack
    •  designed for use with the 7-series portable field recorders
  5. Sound Devices SAM-32SD 32GB SDHC Card for MixPre Series Audio Recorders

    • 32GB Memory
    • 90MB/s for read and write speed
    • Fast and flawless performance
    • Compatible with MixPre Series Audio Recorders
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5 Items

It's always easy to shop for Sound Devices Photography at Digi Tech Trading LLC because you can browse by best sellers, brand, price range, customer rating, or special offers. And you can take advantage of free shipping within UAE.