GFM-Secondo Dolly


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  • Front, rear and crab steering through individual wheel adjustment
  • Telescopic steering rod
  • Steering from 4 points

The GF-SECONDO DOLLY is equipped with most of the features of the GF-Primo Dolly and enjoys an equally good reputation and following. The main difference being the GF-Secondo not coming with a central gearbox for changing steering modes and not having the telescopic & inclining steering rod. This makes the system somewhat more economical to buy, whilst securing the same high quality.


Both the GF-Secondo can switch over to crab, front or rear-wheel steering. The steering rods can be set to the Dolly Grip’s preferred working position. The HCU fits snuggly into the steering handle to enable comfortable and user-friendly operation. Interchangeable steering rods between both the GF-Secondo Dolly.


State-of-the-art, wireless operation via the ergonomic hand control gives the operator perfect control of the column’s lift. The informative display is clear and easy to understand, showing the operational status. Speed and drive ramp adjustment as well as setting limits and the recording of movement sequences are easy to implement.


The GF-Secondo Column is rotatable and can be separated from the base dolly for easy transportation. Base plates with a Euro-adapter or a turnstile mount are available and can be fitted to the base dolly. In turn, risers, seat arms etc can be mounted, resulting in a mobile mini-base dolly


The 24 Volt batteries are simply slotted into position, secured and you’re ready to go.


In addition to the main, adjustable seat, the multifunctional turnstile mount accepts 3 adapters to provide more seating and camera positions than other central column dolly e.g. two persons, two cameras. By attaching standard GFM accessories such as the Combi-rig, high/low rigs, off-set brackets etc directly onto the turnstile mount, changing the camera position in relationship to the camera operator is a simple matter.

This function combined with the rotatable column enables position adjustments of the camera without any great effort, creating a flexible and comfortable working situation.


The all-terrain, quick release, pneumatic »BIG« wheels are a unique feature only available with GFM dollies. They attach to the studio wheels, without tools, and clamp on in seconds with a special claw, locking design. They provide extra ground clearance for transport and shooting on rough terrain (max. payload 130kg/286lbs).

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More Information
Manufacturer GFM


Duration of column lift2,5 sec
Lift range0 – 70cm / 0 – 27,6"
Maximin column height142cm /55,9"
Minimum column height72cm /28,3"
Maximum column lift capacity250kg /551lbs
Transport weight Dolly Base69kg /152lbs
Transport weight column without batteries68kg /150lbs
WIRELESS HCU RANGE200 m / 650 ft
DIMENSIONS90 x 79 x 72 cm / 35” x 31” x 28”
  • GF-Secondo