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  1. Tilta

    Tilta Gravity G1 with Safety Case

    TiLTA GR-T01 Gravity 3 Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal System for Compact System Cameras.

    Designed for single operation, the new Tilta Gravity G1 has the typical modes of operation “follow” and “lock”, with the latter named “chicken head mode”. With the new 360° motors incorporated in this handheld gimbal, the Gravity G1 has no end points and can rotate indefinitely. It has tool less setup and balancing, with a nice design that feels very solid.

    AED 2,623.95 AED 2,499.00
    Out of stock
  2. Tilta

    Tilta For Sony A6 Serie Cage

    • Cage, Baseplate, and Top Handle
    • Brazilian Rosewood Start/Stop Handle
    • Ventilation Fan (and Coaxial Power Port)
    • Buttons for Adjusting Camera Settings
    • Two Cold Shoe Mounts
    • HDMI Cable Locks
    • 11.8" 15mm Rods
    • Dovetail Plate Support
    • Metabones EF/PL to E Adapter Support
    • 15mm Rod Pass-Through
    AED 2,046.45 AED 1,949.00
    Out of stock
  3. Tilta

    Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus System

    • 1000' Wireless Range
    • Two Lens Drive Motors
    • Motors Feature Integrated Receivers
    • 0.8 MOD Drive Gears
    • Focus, Iris, Zoom Hand Unit
    • Motors Daisy-Chain for Power
    • Right Handgrip with Focus Control
    • Left Handgrip with Iris and Zoom Control
    • Hard-Shell Waterproof Case Included
    AED 5,670.00 AED 5,400.00
    In stock
  4. Tilta

    Tilta Universal Shoulder Rig, Baseplate w/Shoulder Pad, 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box & FF Unit

    • V-Lock Baseplate & Shoulder Pad
    • 15mm LWS Support Rods
    • 4 x 4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box
    • For Lenses with Up to 100mm Diameter
    • Two Rotating 4 x 4 Filter Stages
    • 15mm Rod Mounting, Swing Away Design
    • Follow Focus with Adjustable Hard Stops
    • Universal Articulating Handgrips
    • Top Handle, Curved Support Arms
    • Custom Hard Case with Wheels and Handle
    AED 6,825.00 AED 6,500.00
    Out of stock
  5. Tilta

    Tilta Nucleus-Nano Wireless Focus Control System

    Wireless Lens Focus Control Motor

    Wireless Hand Wheel Focus Controller

    Up to 300' Range

    5 to 18V, 0.65 to 1Nm Torque Motor

    0.8 MOD Standard Cine Gear, Gear Rings

    Control Run/Stop, A-B Limits

    Rosewood-Lined Hand Wheel

    Multiple Mounting Options Included

    Includes Hardware, Batteries, USB Cable

    AED 1,312.50 AED 1,250.00
    In stock
  6. Tilta

    Tiltaing Mini Matte Box

    • Compact, Lightweight Matte Box
    • 4 x Adapter Rings, Carbon Fiber Top Flag
    • Supports One 4 x 5.65" Filter, 77mm Hole
    • 15mm Rod Clamp with 3.9" Rod
    AED 472.50 AED 450.00
    Out of stock
  7. Tilta

    Tilta 4x4" Lightweight Matte Box

    • Swing-Away Design
    • 15mm Rod Adapter
    • Two 4x4" Filter Holders
    • Top Flag/Eyebrow for Flare Protection
    AED 1,926.75 AED 1,835.00
    Out of stock
  8. Tilta

    Tilta 4 x 4" Carbon Fiber Matte Box

    • Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Construction
    • For Lenses with up to 100mm Diameter
    • One Rotating 4 x 4" Filter Stage
    • 15mm Rod Mounting
    AED 2,221.80 AED 2,116.00
    Out of stock
  9. Tilta

    Tilta 6.6 x 6.6" Carbon Fiber Matte Box

    • Fits Lenses up to 165mm O.D.
    • Swing-Away 19mm Rod Mount
    • 3 Rotating Filter Stages
    • Trays Support 6.6 x 6.6" Filters
    AED 4,704.00 AED 4,480.00
    Out of stock
  10. Tilta

    Tilta 4 x 5.65" Carbon Fiber Matte Box

    • Compatible with 19mm Systems
    • Swing-Away Design
    • 4 x 5.65" Rotating Filter Holders
    • French Flag & Side Wings Reduce Flare
    AED 3,720.15 AED 3,543.00
    Out of stock
  11. Tilta

    Tilta MB-T12 Matte Box

    • Fits 134/114/110/95/80mm Lens Diameters
    • Three Fixed Filter Stages
    • 4 x 5.65" Filter Trays
    • 15mm LWS Rod Clamp Included
    AED 2,982.00 AED 2,840.00
  12. Tilta

    Tiltaing FF-T06 Mini Follow Focus

    • Mounts on 15mm Rod, 2 x Hard Stops
    • 0.8 MOD Gear, Removable Marking Disk
    • Precision Fluid Dampening Control
    • Hard-Shell Case Included
    AED 525.00 AED 500.00
    Out of stock
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