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Do you want to get great shots and enable smooth camera motion? Then, you need high-quality camera gear. SmallRig accessories are a go-to solution, which lets you take your photography and videography up a notch. You’re welcome to buy SmallRig accessories from DIGI TECH - an authorized SmallRig reseller in Dubai. View our catalog and get quality products for filmmakers at the best price! 

About SmallRig

SmallRig company was established back in 2007 in Shenzhen, China by passionate photographers. They were unhappy with the bulky equipment, available in the market at the moment. So, they set out to design rigs, clamps, handles, and tripods that are portable and convenient for photographers. 


In 2012, SmallRig was already offering photographers and videographers adjustable connectors, such as rods, rod clamps and so on. They set out to offer professionals customized solutions and even cooler products with unique design. In 2018, many mainstream camera brands, including Nikon, Fujifilm, Atomos, and Zhiyun began their cooperation with SmallRig to provide quality high-end gear to their customers at affordable prices. 


With over 10 years of gear creation and production behind their backs, the team of SmallRig has successfully set up a worldwide distribution system. Their business has gone global, reaching North and South Americas, Europe, South Asia, and Oceania. Their rigs are loved both by professionals and amateur photographers and movie-makers. 

What Does SmallRig Offer?

SmallRig is devoted to designing and manufacturing professional quality gear and rigs for the worldwide audience. A number of their products go through an extensive co-design program with expert photographers and filmmakers. As a result, SmallRig accessories are praised for being easy-to-adjust, compact and flexible, extending the photographer’s possibilities and unleashing true creativity. 


SmallRig accessories cover the whole gamut of gear from cages to shoulder support, tripod systems, and unique components to help end-users build the rigs of their dreams. Currently, they offer you cages, handles, quick-release plates, shoulder rigs, rods, rod clamps, other support equipment, and signature camera bags. With such a range of products, SmallRig creates more possibilities for capturing the moment the way it speaks to people. You can buy SmallRig products online in Dubai on this page.


Thanks to the DIY approach of the company, you can use SmallRig equipment to design your unique rig, composed of high-end quality, adjustable elements and meeting your specific needs 100%. SmallRig also offers you multiple ways to further customize your rig making it your own. 

Get Your SmallRig Gear Now

SmallRig is one of the leaders in the camera rig production niche. Don’t hesitate to choose their products online and buy SmallRig accessories at our store. DIGI TECH is an authorized SmallRig reseller in Dubai and UAE. With over 100 SmallRig products currently available in our store, we’ll be happy to help you find the rig, cage, handle or other support gear of your dreams!


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  1. SmallRig Drop-in HawkLock mini Quick Release Monitor Mount with NATO Clamp 3601

    • Monitor Bracket & Quick Release Plate
    • Tilting Bracket for Onboard Monitor
    • Secure V-Notch Design, Lever Release
    • NATO Rail Clamp with Thumb-Lever
    • 3.3 lb Payload Capacity
    • Non-Slip Rubber Pad
    • Allen Key Included
    AED 288.75 AED 275.00
  2. SmallRig Drop-in HawkLock mini Magic Arm with Quick Release Ball Head 3515

    • Quickly Mounts Monitor on Your Rig
    • 2 x HawkLock Quick Release Ball Heads
    • 5.6" Articulating Arm, 11 lb Capacity
    • Secure V-Notch Design, Lever Release
    • Rubber Rings on Ball Head
    • Modular Design
    AED 336.00 AED 320.00
  3. SmallRig Drop-in HawkLock mini Quick Release Monitor Mount with Cold Shoe 3514

    • Monitor Bracket & Quick Release Plate
    • Tilting Bracket for Onboard Monitor
    • 3.3 lb Payload Capacity
    • Secure V-Notch Design, Lever Release
    • 1/4"-20 & Cold Shoe Mount
    • Nonslip Rubber Pad
    • Allen Key Included
    AED 236.25 AED 225.00
  4. SmallRig NP-F Battery Adapter Plate Professional Edition 3168

    • NP-F/L-Series Battery Plate
    • 12 and 7.4 VDC Barrel Outputs
    • 18W USB Type-C Input/Output Port
    • Mounts on Cage with 1/4"-20 Screws
    • Power Button, LED Status Indicators
    • Built-In Circuit Protection
    AED 241.50 AED 230.00
  5. SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro 3680

    • Compact, Lightweight Matte Box
    • Top and Side Flags
    • Includes Two 4 x 5.65" Filter Trays
    • Includes 67/72/77/82-95mm Adapter Rings
    • Four 1/4"-20 Accessory Threads
    • Works with Circular Filters up to 92.5mm
    AED 630.00 AED 600.00
  6. SmallRig 77mm MRC VND Filter 3590

    • Adjustable Between 9 Stops
    • SCHOTT B270 Optical Glass
    • 18 Layers of Coating on Each Side
    AED 367.50 AED 350.00
  7. SmallRig 4x5.65 ND1.2 Filter 3589

    • SCHOTT B270 Optical Glass
    • Dual-Side Multilayer Nano Coating
    • 4mm Thickness
    AED 787.50 AED 750.00
  8. SmallRig 4x5.65 ND0.6 Filter 3588

    • Solid ND 0.6 Filter
    • Compatible with 4 x 5.65" Matte Boxes
    • Requires +2.0 Stop Exposure Increase
    • Darkens Entire Image Area
    • Allows Reduced Shutter Speed
    • Allows Wider Aperture
    • SCHOTT B270 Optical Glass
    • 4mm Thick
    • Multilayer Nano Coating
    • Waterproof and Oil-Resistant Coating
    AED 787.50 AED 750.00
  9. SmallRig 77mm MRC CPL Filter 3587

    • Circular Polarizer Filter
    • Helps Eliminate Reflections and Glare
    • Reduces Haze in Landscapes
    • Greater Color and Tonal Saturation
    • SCHOTT B270 Optical Glass
    • Multicoating and Resistance Coaing
    • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Filter Ring
    AED 236.25 AED 225.00
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