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If you’re into movie-making and videography, you can’t thrive without professional cinema equipment and LED lights. We know this and offer you a large inventory of Aputure LED lights and equipment in stock in Dubai. Using Aputure products, you’ll be able to light every location to make an excellent movie or video. Buy Aputure online at our DIGI TECH website and make your filmmaking dreams and ambitions come true!

What Is Aputure

Aputure is a world-famous manufacturer of quality film equipment, such as lighting equipment, LED lights, light modifiers, and other cinema-related products. 


The company was founded back in 2005 by a team of inspired filmmakers and videographers, who struggled with the steep cost of the equipment, which they needed to create high-quality video content. Being quite disillusioned by the prices on the market, the budding Aputure team set out to create their high-end quality equipment for filmmakers at a really affordable price. And they were quite successful with this task, leading their company to global success with the quality cinema equipment needed to fully realize any creative vision. 


These days, Aputure has grown into a globally recognized manufacturer of cutting-edge cinema lighting equipment. They sell Aputure products globally with branches set in Los Angeles (USA), Shenzhen (China) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). What’s more, Aputure new products received a number of prestigious awards, including Best NAB Product for 2018, Best Lighting Product 2017, NAB Audience Award 2017, and others.

Aputure New Products

Aputure is one of the fastest-growing cinema technology companies worldwide, designing lighting and high-end camera accessories, including LED Lights, Field Monitors, Follow Focus Systems and Microphones.  


Currently, Aputure offers you two lines of lighting products. The Amaran line is meant for budget use, providing every project with simple, portable and easy-to-use LED lights. At the same time, the Light Storm line of LED lights is meant for professional use and provides you with bright and powerful lights for large setups. Atop LED lights, Aputure also offers you great light modifiers and monitor products. All these Aputure products are popular among both professional filmmakers and burgeoning ones, effectively making the lighting of your motion picture perfect. 

Enjoy Aputure Quality Today with DIGI TECH

So, if you feel that your upcoming filming and video production projects need some proper professional lightning, do not hesitate to invest in Aputure products. These products do not cost a fortune, offering you high-end quality at the same time. You can buy Aputure products online in Dubai and across the UAE with our DIGI TECH store. We’re an established Aputure reseller, and offer you only the original high-quality products at reasonable prices. Enjoy your shopping!


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  1. Aputure EZ BOX + II Softbox Kit for 672 and TRi8 LED Lights

    Key Features
    • 10.8 x 9.25 x 3.48"
    • Softens and Diffuses Light
    • Includes 35° Grid
    • Collapsible Design, Unibody Construction
    AED 273.00 AED 260.00
    Pre-Order to secure your piece
  2. Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment

    Key Features
    • 6" Lens Diameter
    • Dual Lens Design Boosts Output
    • Beam Spread Variable from 12 to 40°
    • Exclusively for LS C120d, C120dII, C300d
    AED 462.00 AED 440.00
  3. Aputure Light Storm LS C120D II LED Light Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate

    Key Features
    • 5500K Daylight Color Temperature
    • CRI/TLCI: 96/97
    • 18 dB Quiet Fan, Onboard DMX
    • Wired Controller Box
    AED 2,833.95 AED 2,699.00
  4. Aputure LS-mini20 Bi-Color 3-Light Flight Kit

    Key Features
    • 3 x LS-mini20c Bi-Color Heads
    • 3 x 4-Way Barndoors
    • 3 x NP-F970 Batteries and Chargers
    • 3 x Battery Adapters, 3 x AC Supplies
    AED 3,937.50 AED 3,750.00
    Pre-Order to secure your piece
  5. Aputure Space Light

    Key Features
    • LS 120 and 300 Series LED Lights
    • Ideal for Producing Overhead Soft Light
    • Compatible w/ Bowens Front Mount Lights
    • 28.5" Height, 18" Diameter
    AED 198.45 AED 189.00
  6. Aputure Amaran Tri-8s Spot Daylight LED Light with V-Mount Battery Plate

    Key Features
    • Color Temperature: 5500K
    • Measures 10.3 x 7.8 x 3.6"
    • Wireless Remote, 492' Range
    • AC Adapter, 2 x F970 Batteries
    AED 1,968.75 AED 1,875.00
  7. Aputure Light Dome II (34.8")

    Key Features
    • Hexadecagon Shape with 16 Steel Rods
    • 2 Front Diffusers: 1.5 and 2.5 Stops
    • Removable Inner Diffuser
    • 40° Grid, Gel Filter Holder
    AED 971.25 AED 925.00
  8. Aputure Light Dome Mini II (21.5")

    Key Features
    • For Light Storm 120 & 300 LED Lights
    • Includes 40° Fabric Grid
    • Gel Holder
    • Silver Interior for Maximum Output
    AED 567.00 AED 540.00
  9. Aputure MC RGBWW LED Light

    Sale Aputure MC RGBWW LED Light
    • 95% BT 2020 Gamut Coverage
    • Full HSI Color Control
    • 0 to 100% Dimming
    • OLED Display with Control Wheel
    Special Price AED 299.25 AED 285.00 Regular Price AED 378.00
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