Godox Led Light 1000 Bi-color

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  • LED1000C Video Lights are excellent for product shooting, photojournalistic and video recording, etc.
  • It provides wide spectrum, beautifully soft and even illumination for photography.
  • Premium LED Bulbs and wide screen offers high brightness
  • Wirelessly adjust brightness or color temperature
  • Lithium Battery or DC Charged, Excellent heat dissipation
  • Reflectors to protect the bulbs and enhance the light effects.

Designed to be portable yet versatile, the LED1000c Bi-color LED Video Light from Godox provides a smooth and soft light that is well-suited for video use. This model is offering a color temperature of 3200-5600K that varies. Dimming settings range from 10% all the way up to full power, and can be adjusted on the on-board LCD via two buttons and a dial or with an included wireless remote that works at distances of up to 65.6'.

The LED1000c is rated for output up to 4400 lux at 3.3', drawing a maximum of 70W of power during use. Used for support is a yoke with a standard light stand receiver and locking knob, and the design also incorporates a built-in filter slot for easy light manipulation. For powering the panel, an AC adapter is included for connecting to a wall socket, while those looking to take the light outdoors can run it on an optional Sony BP-L V-mount battery. The remote control requires two 3.0V AAA batteries, which must also be purchased separately.

- Portable LED panel outputs up to 70W of power, rated for 4400 lux at 3.3'
- Bi-color with a color temperature of 3200-5600K
- Brightness can be dimmed from 10 to 100%
- Remote control allows for easy wireless adjustments, runs on two AAA batteries and works up to 65.6' away
- 433 MHz wireless system with 16 channels in 6 groups
- On-board control via dial and two buttons, with an LCD screen for viewing settings
- Yoke is compatible with most light stands and offers tightening knob for a secure fit
- AC adapter included for wired use with a power outlet
- V-mount battery plate accepts a Sony BP-L battery for truly portable operation

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Godox Led Light 1000 Bi-color